Garcia y Bartz



Most of these preparations can also be used for preparing shrimp, especially the Italian, Mexican, Indian, and Chinese methods. Omit the flour. Just roil the shrimp in salt, pepper, and spices.

Then fry, but only until they turn pink and are firm.

For the Chinese version, you can add a bit of hot sesame oil, or use plain sesame oil if you have it on hand, and add some hot sauce, or cayenne pepper to it, to give the sauce more punch.

If you also add 1 tsp. hoisin sauce, and serve it with toasted peanuts, you'll have genuine Kung Pao Shrimp.

Shrimp Diablo is a good ol' Florida standby.

Heat 1 tbsp. butter in a frying pan. Add shrimp, and saute only until pink.

Add 1 tbsp. of very finely minced garlic, 1 tsp. Dijon style mustard (the kind with the seeds is best), and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce.

Toss together to coat shrimp. This makes a delicious hot hor d'ouevre.